New development, growth and traffic are the major issues. They impact our families, the  special character of New Smyrna Beach and our quality of life. To preserve and protect ourcommunity for the future, the process for approval of new development needs to be improved. We need better communication between the City Commission and the Planning & Zoning Board, revisions to the Land Development Regulations and an expanded role for the Planning and Zoning Board.
I am uniquely well qualified to address these issues, and be a catalyst for change, because I understand not only the real estate business, but also the City’s internal process for approving new development. This understanding comes from: (a) being a lawyer who handled sophisticated real estate transactions for 40+ years: (b) serving on the Planning and Zoning Board for New Smyrna Beach; and (c) serving on the Economic Development Advisory Board for Winter Park. New Smyrna Beach has been my home since 2017. I retired last year and now am available to be a full-time Commissioner! To learn more about my campaign, please visit the website at


Steve Snively

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